Letting Perfect Be The Enemy Of Good

I am a specific breed of person who speaks in idioms.

If a friend is having a bad day, I’ll tell them without a pinch of irony ‘you can’t get to the rainbow without a little rain.’ When someone asks for my opinion (and often when they don’t) on negotiating in any area from the bedroom to the boardroom, I’ll most likely respond ‘If you don’t ask, the answer is no.’ A favorite in the current rotation that falls out of my mouth daily – as I hustle in the entertainment industry –  is: ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’

My intense and abiding love for the self-improvement section is a larger topic for another time, deeply entrenched in my ongoing campaign to mitigate the Cathy comic stigma surrounding it. But, regardless of the habit’s origins or evolution, one phrase has stuck with me more than any other for the last decade: ‘Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.’

It has been, for me, the greatest motivator of anything else I’ve ever read or been told. It alleviates the stress while simultaneously leaving no room for not trying.

If you know me personally and we met after 2014, you might not even know I used to blog. But I did. And I loved it. But then “real life” hit and hit hard, and flash forward the life of a high school junior and here I am, trying to get back in the habit, while simultaneously wondering if blogging is even still a thing, or if I sound like an alien transplant from 2008.

While refusing to let perfect be the enemy of good is one of the major tenets I live by, in the arena of blogging, I kept stalling out.

“I don’t have the right publishing program” (still don’t.), “I need to build up a backlog” (haven’t done that), “what even IS search engine optimization?” (someone email me if you can explain how to do it in 2 sentences or less.) All the excuses have been there.

But – in the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw: I couldn’t help but wonder…

What WAS holding me back?

The answer, dear readers – was you.

(I love saying dear readers as if A) there are plural of you and B) I’m the editor of some wildly successful 1920’s advice column.)

The fear of your judgement, your expectations, your attention span – has been preventing me from getting back in the proverbial saddle and putting myself out there. Not that I’m blaming you, I’m sure you’re all lovely and accepting people who would never think or say something like “Oh god I have to think of something nice to say to Tarreyn about that self-indulgent garbage she put online last night. What’s the blog-reader version of ‘At least the lighting was great?’”

So I’m back – here, in a new but comfortable little corner of the internet to share my thoughts, feelings, and yes – idioms with you.

Some of these are direct quotes from people much smarter than I am, lyrical and comforting, often making people think that I, off the cuff, am incredibly articulate and wise (which obviously I am). Other ones are a Frankenstein’s monster of butchered citations I’ve latched onto, then combined with my own brand of sardonic optimism. Either way, I tend to regularly get my point across through these bite sized sayings, these Nestle Dibs of communication.

Moving forward here, you’ll find more than page-a-day calendar quotes and self-deprecating humor. There’s gonna be further meat to this sandwich of a blog, but for today – thanks for stopping by. And remember, ‘the only way out is through.’

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