Small Steps Lead to Big Things

^ That’s it, that’s kind of the whole point. I obviously would like for you to keep reading, but essentially that headline is the TLDR version of the previously titled article “My Mini-Mantra and Goals for the Semi-New Year.”

And while I’m well aware that Valentine’s has already come and gone, and I’m still over here thinking about “New Year” resolutions, I figure that time doesn’t actually exist anymore, we can agree this is fine. Better not best, the journey not the destination, and all that.

For very obvious reasons, 2021 is off to a different start from any other year we’ve experienced. Staring knowingly down the barrel at what could realistically be another six to ten to twelve months of isolating or at the very least distancing, with the activities from our past lives non-existent, we are required to pivot. With my options limited and emotional bandwidth depleted, I’ve decided to do something with my goals that I’ve never done before…. be realistic. No snowballing, no building ambition upon ambition, not letting perfectionism get the best of me. I’ve got no European adventures to plan or TV shows to pitch, and if 2020 taught us anything, I hope the lasting lesson is to be gentle with ourselves. Sometimes surviving is all that needs to happen.

When setting annual intentions the past, I’ve chosen a single word to channel for each year – balance, clarity, drive. This year instead, I chose a mantra: Small Steps Lead to Big Things, which to say is what I am actually focusing on is consistency. Doing at least one thing, no matter how small, each day, to get me to a different personal elevation by this point next year. Within this mantra I set just a couple more tangible goals…

Get Back into Blogging. What you’re reading at this moment is the first published step towards this and I can’t wait to see how it grows. While I’ve repeatedly set and failed at this objective, I am determined anew. The thing I’m most passionate about in life is connecting with people, and this is the place. I love my. digital community, and I want to express ideas and share resources bigger than what an instagram caption can contain. Sticking with the theme of baby steps, I’m trying to do at least ONE thing for the blog each day, even if they’re as small as writing down some ideas on the back of a receipt.

Walk 5-10K Steps Daily. I’ve never been a particularly…. active person… (the only trophy I ever won was for the third grade READ-A-THON,) but with the pandemic and working from home, I’ve become extremely inactive. After months of my joints collecting dust, something had to change for my body and mind. I decided the best and most realistic plan to move my body was to go for long walks. (Continuity, remember?) The end goal is to be doing 10K (about 4-5 miles) a day, but I’m starting with the bare minimum goal of 5. (Being gentle with myself, remember?) I’m proud that I’ve officially accomplished this 5-6 days a week since January 1st and the biggest thing I can tell you is that I am in SUCH a better mood generally. Hot bod incoming fall 2021.

Do the Dishes. Out of everything I’m aiming for, this is by far the hardest. A chronic dirty dish avoider and victim of what we in the ADHD community call “chore blindness,” I’ve spent the entirety of my adult life letting the dishes build up. I was future journaling recently, and wrote down that my ideal future self always had a clean kitchen. It feels dumb and obvious in retrospect that something clearly so important to me for my future was within my grasp at the immediate moment. ANYWAY. Im trying. As my therapist says, “one sock a day.” You get it.

That’s it. Those are the goals. If you’re also trying to set goals or intentions, a couple resources I find helpful are This Intentions List, and this free printout for a 100 day challenge!

Thanks for coming, thanks for reading, let’s all just be gentle on ourselves and keep supporting up-and-coming blogs…. (whoops did I incept you?).

OH! And as a fun post-script! If I WEREN’T trying to keep things simple, and if I WERE to fall into old habits and snowball totally out of control making a massive list of goals for the new year, WHICH I’M DEFINITELY NOT… here are some things I would add…

  • Cultivate more whimsy in my life
  • Complete my book club books sooner than the night before
  • See the ocean at least once a month
  • Continue my anti-racism learnings and don’t slow down in activism contributions
  • FINALLY learn to give myself a decent manicure
  • Transition to a more plant-based diet
  • Get dressed up for myself, despite having nowhere to go
  • Don’t feel the need to turn a craft or interest into a full blown hobby
  • Rent a camper van and take a southwest road trip
  • Set better boundaries
  • Wash the linens every week
  • M O N O T A S K
  • Remind myself that I am enough, no matter what
  • Don’t steer into listicles as my go-to blogging format even though its way more fun to write and probably a lot more accessible

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