March Heart List

Welcome to the Heart List – where each month I’ll be sharing things I’m ✨ViBiNg✨ with. This will include things to brighten your day, actionable steps for good causes, wine recs, things to do in LA, inspiring accounts to follow, wish list items, and more!

An Essay on Quarantine Weight Gain

Like many others (so I’m told) over the last year, I’ve found the seams on my pants ripping, caught myself slowly replacing most of my pre-quarantine clothes with sweatsuits, trading out fitted jumpsuits for baggy ones. In a time of uncertainty, food became something comforting, an immediate serotonin release, something to look forward to, something within my control. I’ve started and scrapped multiple posts and captions trying to articulate my feelings on the topic, until I found an essay that perfectly summarized not only my feelings on quarantine weight but a handful of my pre-covid body image issues as well. I encourage you to please check out this essay on accepting yourself: How I Learned to Come to Terms With My Quarantine Weight Gain.

While I love giving flower tips and wine recommendation, it’s extremely important to me that I’m also providing consistent ways we can make our world a better place. I aim to hold myself accountable and focus on this outside just this list, and feel free to comment or DM me with constructive feedback AND resources you think I could share! But at the very least, please peep this section of the list each month to fine some things we can all do to continue to fight for a better world and community. My aim to make it as accessible as possible to educate, donate, sign up, and act up by providing the resources.

AAPI Violence Resources

In the wake of so many horrific attacks against Asian Americans in our country over the last year (and throughout our nation’s history,) this month I encourage you to to work on AAPI allyship.

THIS SITE includes resources for: education, donations, news updates, petitions, mental health aid, reporting and MORE. Please bookmark it and take the time to help us all move forward with anti-racist aid.

I also encourage checking out Hollaback! – A people-powered organization focused on ending harassment in all forms. This free guide for bystander intervention is something all of us can learn from to help protect our neighbors and each other from the MANY different kinds of discrimination occurring daily.


Even though there’s an ever-growing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, most of us still find ourselves limited with activities, especially ones that seem fresh and engaging – not to say that my forthcoming dissertation on why, after a recent rewatch, I think Samantha is the best person in Sex and the City isn’t riveting – BUT we need something new.

Enter artist Ellen Reid’s SOUNDWALK.

Set in Griffith Park in Los Angeles (and Central Parkin NewYork,) this is an app-guided walking/hiking sound experience. It’s hard to describe so I’ll just let their website do it:

A GPS-enabled work of public art that uses music to illuminate the natural environment. Created by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ellen Reid, SOUNDWALK is tailor-made for its setting, created to encourage calm reflection and introspection, and can be experienced while following social distancing guidelines.

Set aside your fatigue of pandemic walks and parks being the only place to go, and give yourself an hour or two to explore this cool project. If you’re hungry after, check out this LA Times piece of sandwich and hike duos. (This experience also pairs well with these cute pre-rolls too 😏)

Pickled Onions 

My journey with onions has been long and slow to warm, but over the last few years I’ve gone from loathing to loving. I took the final leap when I decided to pickle my own. I used THIS RECIPE  and we’ve already made 2 more batches from running out. It truly takes 5 minutes and I put them on basically everything – salads, egg scrambles, grain bowls, tacos, sautéed veggies, turkey and veggie burgers and sandwiches and more.

Two Historical Podcasts

A bonus side effect of my daily walks is podcast binging, currently with a historical skew. Each week You’re Wrong About examines a different historical figure with a specific reputation in the public consciousness. Think Marie Antoinette, Courtney Love, OJ Simpson, etc. I took a particular interest in their 6 part series on Princess Diana. Then sticking with the theme of nobility comes Noble Blood which examines History’s most fascinating royals. (I’m currently on the fourth of Henry VII’s wives.)

Natural Action Wine Club

In the coming months this section will be about a specific wine, but I am too stoked on this particular wine club to wait.

Natural Action is a new wine club run entirely by BIPOC wine makers. From their site:

We are a response to the calls for greater inclusion and opportunity for the BIPOC community in the often exclusionary world of wine – and also an answer to the need for a broader awareness and appreciation of African American history, art, culture, contribution and achievement.

4 bottles per quarter, all by BIPOC wine makers, with a portion of proceeds going “towards education, exposure, internships/apprenticeships and career paths for BIPOC students in the wine industry.” My first box comes next month and I’m so excited for it.

Read more about Natural Action in this LA Times article.

From Privilege to Progress – @privtoprog 

Started by two women, one Black and one white, From Privilege to Progress is an organization focused on “desegregating the racism conversation” and creating “public conversation about what racism—and privilege—look like today.” They share action items, information and resources and more.

Slimy Oddity – @Slimyoddity

Slimy Oddity is an art collective that is sure to brighten your day and expand your consciousness. Inspired by psychedelic awakening, their illustrations center around philosophy and spirituality, and focus on opening our hearts and minds.

Haile Thomas – @Hailethomas

Haile is a self-growth, wellness advocate, and a Gen Z wunderkind. I LOVE doing her monthly prompts for reflection and intentions that always get me thinking about new things. 

Baggu Bags

I LOVE an accessory, especially one that is eco-friendly, so it’s wild to me that it took me so long to hop on the Baggu train. After I got Ben these Simpsons ones for Christmas, I realized I was borrowing them every day and always keeping one folded up in my bag. I committed and got my own and now have my eyes on their wine bags!

Wallet Moths: Things you should buy 

  • My favorite masks I’ve found
  • 228 Grant Street Candle Co.
    • This independent Black owned business makes all natural small batch candles, made only with soy wax and scented oils (I’m in love with the Coconut and Bergamot.) They also do a featured candle each month with independent ceramicists supporting social justice causes! 
  • Golden Coil Day Planner
    • After the mindwarp that was 2020, I’m attempting to keep better track of time and goals this year. Enter this HIGHLY customizable planner with tons of layouts, options and add-ons. And if you’re wondering why I’m suggesting a planner in March… an additional bonus is that you can pick any start and end dates you like!
  • I have my eye on This  Cookbook 

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