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My great joy in life is connecting with people and sharing excitement about what inspires us – that’s what I hope this blog is for you. I believe there’s enough space inside all of us for frivolity and activism, and that we all get to change and evolve constantly. I’m passionate about finding beauty in every day, self-improvement, eco-consciousness, visiting new places and sandwiches. I love colors, journaling, podcasts, boats, jumpsuits, photography, floral arrangements, and Los Angeles.

I currently work with Nickelodeon, creating and strategizing social media content, specializing in stories and live streams. I was also one of the co-writers, hosts and producers of of the series “Inside Nick!” 

I live in Los Angeles with my very tall partner Ben and my very small cat Clicquot.

“To affect the quality of the day – that is the highest of arts.”

This space is part lifestyle blog, part resource center, part brain dump. If you care about feelings, adventures, beautiful things, maximizing joy, and leaving the world better than you found it, there will be something for you.

Beyond all the hues of pink, I also use this blog to continually process and share my more personal experiences. I’m an only child and I lost my mother to cancer in 2017 – Grief, separation anxiety, and identity are common themes I write about. In 2021 after years of passionately pursuing my deep love of wine I gave up drinking – that journey is something I will also be sharing about here.

A short and incomplete list of some other topics you’ll find here:

  • Personal Essays
  • Los Angeles Tips & Recommendations
  • Self Improvement: Goal Setting, Dream Making, Chakra Cleansing
  • Photography
  • Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Living
  • Aesthetics: Home Decoration, Florals, Cozy living tips
  • Travel: Guides, lessons, and more
  • Product recommendations, Gift Guides and general vicarious shopping
  • Craft Projects & Some DIY’s and How-To’s
  • Activism, Antiracism, and Resources for Change
  • The Occasional Picture of my Cat

Some things you won’t find here:

  • ANY room for hate, bigotry or close-mindedness
  • Anything kid-related or baby-focused
  • Business or Financial tips

If there is anything you are curious about, PLEASE reach out! I’m happy to chat on Instagram or you can email me directly from my contact page. *All photos on this site taken/owned by me unless specified otherwise.

Let’s have some fun.