Q: What do you do for a living? A: I work in social media for Nickelodeon!

Q: I want to start living more sustainably but don’t know where to start! A: YAY! Good for you! Just start small, swapping out one household item at a time. Some resources: Follow @Claggie on Instagram and check out her amazing Sustainability Masterlist. And places to buy more sustainable home goods: Shop with Good Intent, Zero Waste Store, Package Free Shop.

Q: Do you have any Antiracism Resources? A: YES! Here is my living doc of Antiracist Resources and Black Owned Business Guide.

Q: Favorite places you’ve traveled? A: Internationally: Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City. Domestically: New Orleans, Chicago

Q: Where did you learn to do flower arrangements? A: Honestly I grew up watching my mom make them and I ran from there. There are a TON of great free YouTube tutorials if it’s something that interests you!

Q: What type of Camera do you use? A: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Olympus Mji II Film, Canon Rebel DSLR with This Lens , Polaroid 600, Fujifilm Instax Mini

Q: Why & How did you give up drinking? A: This is a big question with a long answer, but essentially I was drinking too much too often. It wasn’t aligning with my mission to become the best version of myself, and it was time to remove it from my life. If you’re sober curious, I highly recommend the app Reframe, and the following books: This Naked Mind, Quit Like a Woman, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober.

Q: Where did you get….. A: Common Product Request Links!

Removable Wallpaper | Champagne Stopper | Jumpsuits | Leather Sofa