Q: What do you do for a living? A: I work in social media for Nickelodeon!

Q: I want to start living more sustainably but don’t know where to start! A: YAY! Good for you! Just start small, swapping out one household item at a time. Some resources: Follow @Claggie on Instagram and check out her amazing Sustainability Masterlist. And places to buy more sustainable home goods: Shop with Good Intent, Zero Waste Store, Package Free Shop.

Q: Do you have any Antiracism Resources? A: YES! Here is my living doc of Antiracist Resources and Black Owned Business Guide.

Q: Favorite places you’ve traveled? A: Internationally: Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City. Domestically: New Orleans, Chicago

Q: What type of Camera do you use? A: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Olympus Mji II Film, Canon Rebel DSLR with This Lens , Polaroid 600, Fujifilm Instax Mini

Q: What is your favorite wine? A: Woof. This is a big question with a long answer (and post coming soon!) but. GENERALLY. I drink mostly Natural Wine. My favorite is sparkling like Pet-Nat, Champagne, Cava, etc. I also really love light, juicy reds like Gamay, Cinsault, Beajoulais. And controversially – I chill ALL my wine.

Q: Where did you get….. A: Common Product Request Links!

Removable Wallpaper | Champagne Stopper | Jumpsuits | Leather Sofa