Work From Home Tips it Only Took Me a Year to Learn

Welp, we’ve seen the one-year mark of the pandemic come and go, and along with it some other strange milestones. People are celebrating their second quarantine birthdays, sharing vaccine selfies, AND many of us are marking a full year of working remotely. While I’m grateful for the privilege of remaining employed this whole time, it has been a unique challenge and sometimes slog to switch from a job based in offices, sound stages and live events, to working entirely from my tiny bungalow. It was a pretty massive shift, trading out loafers for slippers, film shoots for zoom calls, and team lunches for inhaling leftovers at a laptop. 

There’s a lot that I haven’t figured out during this weird era, but I do finally feel like I’m getting the hang of working from home. (which is good since it looks like I’ll be doing it for the next 6 months and a hybrid model after that.) I generally love my job, but after a few (kind of miserable) spells of extreme work burnout in the summer and fall, I started paying attention to what was working and what wasn’t. If everything happening in the world was going to be miserable, I wasn’t going to let how I spend 40 hours a week also be. 

Here are some things I’ve applied to establish a better work-from-home-work-life-balance.

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